Verbatim Classifier "Atzi" (offline)



If you are adming yes but as user you only have limited access to the account you are supporting

Data sets that are are only accesible to “speech analysts” or admins, they are the ones maintaining/updating those data sets, if you want to submit a library for testing please read more about Testing

If you are building your own library (category | verbatim ) and want to test it in the algorithm then upload “Training Data” and “Raw Data” if this view is driving results to the account we can add it to the Pre-Trained data base

XLSX recommended format due to flexbitility in in reading complete text, additional formats can be supported such as JSON, or the following delimeters semicolon (;), quotes ( “, ‘ ), braces ({}), pipes (|)

CSV can be supported is not recommended because some verbatim will have a comma and while transforming the data to a table some data can be lost

Please follow PPT Presetnation for sample

Files are stored in tmp folder which can be cleaned after each execution, the only folder storing data is the Pre-Trained models with limited access

SSH can be a possibility and recommended to Admins/Developers, see Azure Notebooks or Google Colab for alternatives to SSH

Website launches a pop up when the output is ready, whitelist website for pop-ups

The current view is a sample, and does not include Python Code